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Design Fundamental

Required Course

Course Objectives


“Design Fundamental” is a course on design; it is hoped that students can form the habit of combining conceptualization and creativity in their daily life and works. For all beginners who are interested in design, this course is fundamental, significant and professional.
It not only inspires students to possess the capability of independent thinking, but also helps them to design works at a vocational level in a process which combines speed andaccuracy. At the same time, beauty, shape and functionality made by visual vocabulary should all be well considered. The inner self, which is the source of inspiration, shall be reviewed and explored so that it can be developed and employed in the production of external creations. The factors found in the environment can be integrated into the designs. The ideal is to incorporate elements of life into designs.
The practice of creating images, material, patterns and dimensional space will be carried out in the course. Students’ works will be refined. Competitions will be held during the semesters as well as in exhibitions. By appreciating various works, students will have the opportunity to enhance their competitiveness and originality.