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Fashion Photography

Elective Course

Course Objectives

指導學生正確的攝影概念,以期未來能夠應用於影像創作、設計作品拍攝及專業的廣告、商業運用。理論與實際操作並行,學生實務拍攝操作,加強模擬人像攝影之攝影棚作業練習;增加介紹數位相機之運用。課程運用多種藝術文化表現形式的「 廣度 」,來厚實時尚「 深度 」如雜誌、故事、電影、音樂、書籍、舞蹈、戲劇演出,甚至建築與空間等,來提升攝影技術之外的美感與時尚的敏銳度。在美學觀點符合上流、前衛的審美品味之外,學生能利用攝影來詮釋個人對時尚的不同的解讀。

Students are guided to understand the correct concept of photography in order to apply the skills for image creation, the shooting of design works and the professional production of commercials and advertisements. The course emphasizes both theory and practice. Students will be given the opportunities to do practical shooting and simulation exercises in a studio. They will also learn the use of digital cameras.Students will be taught a range of artistic and cultural manifestations in order to build up the depth of fashion concepts. Apart from photography, different creative fields like magazines, stories, films, music, books, dancing, theater performance, interior design and architecture will be discussed to help students improve their sense of fashion and aesthetics. Students are expected to discuss their views of fashion through a variety of images or photographs.